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My Road Home
[Ah thiefed it from cool_tre_cool]
I ate it, because all the little 9-year-olds around me were eating it.Collapse )

On an unrelated note, I'm moving out today! Might be offline for several days. Not sure.

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So, something interesting happened at work yesterday.

A woman came up and asked for a latte, which is the utmost in simplicity, plain coffee aside, so I charge her and happily set about making the drink. At this point, people often start talking to me, which I enjoy immensely. I was not, however, expecting to be asked if I believed in God (you could hear the capitol G in there). Seeing as I was raised catholic, I am inclined to say yes, but I'm kinda spiritually uncertain right now, so I said "I'm not sure." When asked to clarify, I said that I believed in the idea of God, but it had never really struck me deeply or affected me.

So now I'm being told that if God has never revealed himself to me, it must be because I'm a bad person. Obviously, if I repented and welcomed Him into my life, I'd feel Him.

Not in the mood for this kinda talk, so I said that was interesting, gave her her drink and started cleaning my espresso machine. She didn't leave. Almost ten minutes later, I finally had an excuse to ask her to leave without being rude, as some other people were coming in and she was in the way of other customers.

Honestly, couldn't she give me the abridged version, seeing as it was 8pm and all? -___-, Not that I don't love religion, but man. Not the time or place.

I do not know what church she was in, or if they're usually this forward, but... where on Earth did that come from, anyway?

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So, three girlfriends and I were going to get together last night and have ourselves a PPP: Pony Porn Party.

The first half of the evening would be spent customizing My Little Ponies into whatever we damn well pleased. I was aiming for beautifying my really old one, and giving her some jewelery and ribbons. Just making a beauty of her, really, 'cause she's been with me for over a decade, and she needed it. Candy was making it into her D&D character, Draven, complete with chains and metal arm, and beaded hair. Much excitement. Robynne was making a wiccan pony, and Martha was going to let the Pony decide, which means she gave it no thought beforehand. We were also going to get together and write yaoi fic, hence that wonderful alliteration.

Then Jess called.Collapse )

So... I could do with a bit less excitement out of my parties, thank you!

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Holy mother of hamsters!

I've never been big on anime, much preferring manga if it's available, so I've never watched the Naruto anime (tried for about six episodes, but I've been reading this for at least five years now, and it wasn't the same at all, so I decided not to continue.) Been following the manga plotline.

So you can imagine my shock when I discovered that the anime has only JUST skipped ahead the three year gap! O___O WTF, mate? What's with all this filler, about Hinata doing some eight-million-palm-neat-o move? Am thoroughly confused, but I have to ask...

HOW do anime-watchers avoid spoilers for THIS long? The time-skip was a YEAR ago, man!!

Current Mood: anxious Flabergasted!

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Wheee! Haven't had access to a scanner since my lil' brother fried my computer a year ago. I don't have a desk, so even though I bought a laptop, I couldn't put my scanner anywhere and plug it up. The poor scanner couldn't connect to my dad's computer either, for some reason.

But on Tuesday night, my friend Norma had me over, and I finally sat down at her computer and scanned. And scanned some more. Gonna try to CG some stuff, but some of it'll just be sketched.


This is what I do at D&D... No, not during my own turn, thank you.Collapse )

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Just me ranting, so feel free to skip it...

Watched "Tales of Ba Sing Se" again this evening. Crying my eyes out over Lu Ten. Know the soldier boy song by heart, because it always makes me cry and gets stuck in my head for days. *siiigh*

Anyway! Nearly two am, and I'm still reading Shaman King fanfic and watching YGO! The Abridged Version. Must be up at 8am tomorrow for school, and I won't get home 'til Late o'clock tomorrow night, 'cause I have a night class. Why am I still up? Why does Echo want to be let out of her cage so bad?

Why didn't we fight anything in D&D today? *stabs the Norm with a large pen* Curse you and your hour-long-shopping-trips!!! Honestly, she doesn't need to RP ever darn minute, and the rest of us are just picking our bellybuttons / drawing fanart (must get new scanner, dammit) / playing cards while she does it. Am not happy with her over that. Bet we coulda fought something if she'd just hurried up!! Or maybe Ham would just have gotten drunk more. >__>, I love my character... and pubs... and bunny girls. ^__^ My GM's a bit wierd, maybe.

... Aaaand the rat's biting the bars of the cage. Too bad I need to sleep now, so we can't go get some toast. Or can we? *scurries off with Echo*

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Watched Lake Laogai again today. Cried some more. I wish I could be one of the "Jet's not dead!" believers, but I trust Toph's truth-testing too much. I hope I'm wrong, because I always liked Jet's single-mindedness, and I looooove his eyebrows. *shrug* They have character?

Mind if I rant a bit, and see if it sounds at all interesting?

Have a few airbender OCs that have evolved in sketches, drabbles and one short comic. Plan on refining all of the above before posting any of it, 'cause... weeeell, most of it was drawn on the forms I use to tally the coffee used at work. Thing is, the air people are nomads, right? And they can't all have been monks. I'm going off the assumption that some air nomad groups, probably extended families and the like, were more like traveling merchants. Or like the classic "gypsy", who are always seen as natural storytellers, another thing in common with the air nomads.

Which is why I have Mi Lon living in the earth kingdom for most of her story. She does pass by the fire nation once, and the temples a few times, but I'm not sure of those bits yet. Mi Lon is a teenager when Sozen's comet passes, and living with her family (her sister Suu, their parents and grand-parents, a few cousins.) At the Northern Air Temple, I have two monks worked out, named Hieu and Mali. Mali was the single cutest eight-year-old ever. XD Um... but maybe I'm biased?

Hieu gets very involved in the war, and Mali follows him, although she doesn't believe in fighting, and her airbending skills are mediocre. She leaves her daughter, Pak Pao, with Mi Lon's family on their last visit to the temple.

I wanted this whole thing to be a happy story, but I was also super keen on airbenders, and those two really don't go all that well together. I don't know what happens to Mi Lon's family, but... Well, yeah. It can't be too happy. But someday, I'll have a happy story to draw! Maybe!

Also, Vietnamese and korean names make me happy. Muaha.

You'd think, working in a coffee shop and sampling the merchandise all day, I wouldn't be so tired when I get home. T___T I sleep now.

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"I will kill the 'Sue.
I will protect Canon.
But only after I have completed the charge list
And charged the 'Sue
Shall I kill her.
Grant me strength,
Mighty Mike and Bryan,
That I may destroy
This abomination of your most holy work."

And now, the comment chat begins! Buaha.


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... So here I am, sitting in bed, 15-year-old blanket wrapped around my shoulders. Baby bunny and pig, playing with stuffed toys of each other. Damn cute, and soft and warm to boot!

Christine Fellows' Bird As Prophet is playing now, which is one of the best songs in the world. Makes me think of Katara and Zuko somehow. Not in a shippy way, mind you. It's not a love song. Katara's the bird, mostly. Except for the second verse. *happy sigh*

My rats, Tilla-Fish and Echo, are chewing on the bars of the cage at the top corner, and Tilla's doing the I-Need-To-Pee dance. This means they really want out. Hmm. Leaving for school in twenty minutes, but I guess it can't hurt. We all need to have breakfast together, anyway. Musn't break tradition!

avatar_spork inspired me to revisit the Protectors of the Plot Continuum. *happy sigh* (http://www.misssandman.com/PPC/ppc.html)

Avatar needs a team of PPC. ... *sticks a cactus patch on her sweater* Now to find a partner.

Or go to my witchcraft and occult class. Whichever comes first. *sweatdrop*

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